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Innovation & Compliance

A Swiss based company

Moonet SAGL is a Swiss Consulting Company based in Lugano, Ticino, the sunniest area of Switzerland. Moonet SAGL offers specialized management and technical consulting services with domain experts on the topics that matter most in the world of Life Science, IT, Engineering, Industrial Automation and Robotics sectors. We work with both top tier companies as well as with startups. Locally and globally. From strategy to hands-on implementation.

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Automation & Cybersecurity

We provide Automation and Cybersecurity consultancy for Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation for Life Science and Highly Regulated Companies.

Embedded Robotics & IT

We provide consultancy in design, implementation and testing of IT and Embedded Robotics systems, from prototyping to final market release.

Qualification & Validation

We provide Qualification and Validation of Computerized Systems against regulatory and industry standards.